Tennis | Tali’s tennis tournament was lean in Finnish – the prize pool will still rise next year

Next year’s tournament is scheduled for November, it could suit Emil Rose Mountain.

Tallinn the tennis challenger tournament marketing said that Emil Rose Mountain would play on wednesday. The race took place one day when it became known that Ruusuvuori would not be able to play.

An abdominal injury prevented Ruusuvuori from competing and gaining new ATP points.

When the number one cannon Rose Mountain had to be left out, the Finnish success in the duel was very meager. Otto Virtanen lost in the first round, and so did To Patrik Niklas-Salmis.

Four-player star Harri Heliövaaran the final venue saved what it could.

“Big annoyance. I even took it personally and I don’t know why, ”the tournament director Pekka Mäkelä tells HS about the absence of Ruusuvuori.

“It was known that Wednesday had sold well in advance.”

Virtanen’s match postponed to Wednesday, and he was allowed to play in an almost full hall. From then on, audience numbers declined, as might be expected.

“Despite everything, we are satisfied with the number of audiences.”

Mäkelä says the budget for the Tali tournament is between € 150,000 and € 170,000 and the partners guaranteed that the dive did not come.

Although the Finns got stuck in the first round and Tali did not meet except for one day, the tournament will continue. The next three years have been agreed, but the most significant is that the pot will grow for next year.

Now the challenger tournament was awarded 80 points to the winner, and the competition was part of a series of ATP 80 tournaments. Next year there will be an ATP 100 tournament – at best even an ATP 125 tournament.

“I would think that 100 points or 125 points from the tournament would be valid for everyone or quite many people,” Mäkelä calculates.

Only The 80-point pot was so significant that it won the race Alex Molčan pains in the ATP list from 103rd to as many as 90 in the top. Molčan defeated Portugal in the final João Sousan 6–3, 6–2.

According to Mäkelä’s quick calculations, the tournament will win financially, and what kind of pot would have accumulated if Ruusuvuori had been seen on the final weekend.

“We will get a good nest egg next year. The goal is a tennis week where there could be a $ 25,000 ITF for women and even juniors. ”

Anastasia Kulikova going hard at the ITF level, and Laura Hietarantak too is on the rise. That would be a good reason and justification for the women’s race. For Finns, we try to organize these. ”

Rose mountain belongs to the top level, the ATP tour, but his points column is also boosted by challenger-level tournaments.

Organizing an ATP tournament in Helsinki is not a realistic reality. Then Tali would become too small when the auditorium capacity should increase by thousands, regardless of whether there is an audience.

“The lowest level ATP 250 race is being played in Stockholm, but their budget is also about two million euros,” Mäkelä reminds of the size differences of the tournaments compared to Tali.

The exact dates for next year are not yet known, but the race is scheduled for November.

“Then it should be, if Emili wants to be involved.”

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