Tennis | Roger Federer advanced as the oldest player in history to the Wimbledon semi-finals

The karsts were gone when Maestro took an easy win over Sonego in Italy.

Wimbledon at the beginning of the tennis tournament Roger Federer seemed badly rusty. In his fourth round match against Italy Lorenzo Sonegoa against the karsts were gone.

Federer, 39, advanced effortlessly to the semi-finals at 7-5, 6-4, 6-2 and scratched a small piece of tennis history on that side again. Swiss Maestro was the oldest player to reach the men’s singles semifinals. He turns 40 in about a month.

“After the first batch, it felt like I was able to control what was happening on the field,” Federer said in a field interview as the applause paused for a moment.

“It was a good match and I couldn’t be happier getting to the semifinals.”

Federerin popularity seems steadfast. He received encouragement against Sonego and especially after the match as one whole football team.

In the quarterfinals Federer will face either Russia Daniil Medvedevin or Polish Hubert Hurkaczin. Their match was missed at the point when Hurkacz led the match 2-1, but Medvedev’s fourth set 4-3.

The field interviewer asked if the situation is in Federer’s mind that opponents will have to sneak up on Tuesday as the semi-finals await on Wednesday.

Federer bothered with the question. It did not fit Federer’s world of thought that he wished trouble to his future opponent.

“I have been in a similar situation many times. They are young and recovering. ”

Federer advanced to Wimbledon in the quarterfinals 18 times and in his career he has survived to the top eight in four grand slam tournaments as many as 58 times.



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