Tennis | Novak Djokovic’s rage continued in the bronze match: one racket flew far into the stands, the other ran out against the net pole

Novak Djokovic was left without an Olympic medal in Tokyo when he handed over a mixed doubles bronze match with his partner.

Tennis star Novak Djokovicin the career has had even better periods of the day than Friday and Saturday.

The men’s singles world chart number one first lost on Friday in the singles semi-finals Alexander Zvereville, then in the semi-finals of the mixed doubles for the Russian couple.

Triplan was crowned in Saturday’s doubles bronze loss to Spain Pablo Carreño Bustalle erin 4-6, 7-6, 3-6.

Djokovic was already in the final round of the semi-final against Zverev: weak grips were followed by spectacular outbursts of rage.

The same rumba continued in sixth place Carreño Bustaa against. Djokovic’s Austrian credit brand rackets felt tough as the game didn’t slip in the final round as desired by the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

One racket ended up spinning from below, far to the half-empty funnels. The other went from close range, throwing a bend against the pole holding the net.

The referee of the match this time was gracious, and the outbursts of rage did not even result in a loss of points.

The history of the matches between Djokovic and Carreño Busta is colorful. In 2020, at the U.S. Open, Djokovic was discarded when he nervously snatched the ball straight toward the boundary referee.

Djokovic eventually missed the Tokyo medal without an Olympic medal. He gave up in the mixed doubles game Nina Stojanovićin with a match in Australia Ashleigh Bartya and John Peers against. Djokovic was reported to have suffered a shoulder injury

In Sunday’s men’s singles final, Zverev will face the Russian Karen Hatshanov.



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