Tennis | Novak Djokovic emotionally after his sixth championship: “Winning Wimbledon was always my biggest dream when I was a kid”

Italian Matteo Berrettini took the opening round and struggled with honor until the end.

Serbian Novak Djokovic has owned the Wimbledon tennis tournament for himself. Djokovic took his place on the field Matteo Berrettin the knuckle had sunk into the net a moment earlier.

Djokovic won the London lawn for the third time in a row and increased the number of championships to six. He defeated the Italian surprise challenger Berrettini 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3.

“This was more than a fight. I would first like to thank Matteo, his team, his family for a fantastic tournament. A tight match today and of course not the best feeling to lose a tight match but I think you have a great future, ”Djokovic said in a field interview.

Berrettini built and builds his game on hard passes and cannonball palms. He also has a soft touch to the ball, but he lives with his fiery palm. Oh, he stumbles upon it, and in part it did.

“He has an amazing game. A very powerful, authentic hammer, an Italian hammer I have felt in my skins in France and here today, ”Djokovic said.

Field last encountered Roland Garros on the mass fields and even then Berrettini lost but was able to hurt Djokovic.

Djokovic still praised how special it is to win Wimbledon, and by no means can it be considered given. He told a familiar story about a seven-year-old Serbian boy who built a Wimbledon trophy in his own room from a variety of materials.

“Winning Wimbledon was always my biggest dream when I was a kid. And now I stand here as a six-time champion. It is unbelievable.”

Championship In the grand slam, Djokovic had a career of 20. He now shares the top spot Rafael Nadalin and Roger Federerin with.

“It means no one in the trio can quit,” Djokovic questioned what it means to get on the same chapter with Nadal and Federer.

Djokovic also praised how Nadal and Federer have trained him to win the player, blackmailed him and set his own example of how hard and much to practice.

“They are legends of our species. The most important players I have ever encountered. ”

Season the decisive US Open may change the order of the top, but there is even more at stake in New York: Djokovic’s possible genuine grand slam, i.e. winning four value tournaments in the same year.

The series kicked off in Australia, continued at the French mass fields in June and Wimbledon gave a third mortgage.

“About ten years ago, an incredible journey began that is not coming to an end here,” Djokovic said, referring to his burning desire to achieve a grand slam.

Berrettini showed in the first installment that he needs to be taken seriously. He was already in a 2-5 loss and Djokovic got into the winger on Berrettin’s next inning, but so only the Italian swung the game in the cut-off game and handled it with his cold-nerve passes and palms.

In the third and fourth installments, Djokovic settled for points when needed. A familiar player emerged who had mastered these fields for a long time.

In the fourth in the installment, Berrettini drowned in his mighty palm, even though it was with that weapon that he got this far. The score came from the palm, but also the mistakes.

In any case, Berrettini made the final worth it. He was a great underdog, but haunted Djokovic as much as possible.

“I am very pleased with the final. Hopefully this wasn’t the last one here or in the grand slam tournaments. Congratulations to the Novak team. They are amazing, ”Berrettini shared thanks.

“This is not the end, but hopefully the beginning of a career.”



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