Tennis | Henri Kontinen takes a break from tennis and thinks about his future

The container will not be seen at least in the Davis cup national match in Espoo at the beginning of March.

Five years ago won the Australian Open tennis doubles Henri Kontinen may be on the side of the racetrack for even longer. It was already known that Kontinen would miss the grand slam tournament starting in Melbourne on Monday, but in a Tennis Association press release, Kontinen said he was on an indefinite break.

“I take a break and distance from the daily life of a tennis professional and think about what I want from the future,” Kontinen summed up.

The container will not be seen, at least at the beginning of March, in the Davis cup national match in Espoo, where Finland will face Belgium.

Four of a kind Kontinen, 31, former number one on the world list, was the first Finn to reach the adult grand slam championship when he won a mixed doubles game at Wimbledon in 2016 Heather Watsonin with. In the men’s doubles, his best success came from an Australian John Peersin with. The pair won the Australian Open in 2017 and reached the semi-finals of the Wimbledon and U.S. Open the same year.

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Kontinen and Peers won the ATP final tournament twice, in 2016 and 2017.

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