Tennis | Harri Heliövaara for the first time in the doubles final of an ATP tournament

In the final, a higher-ranking Dutch couple will face off.

Harri Heliövaara and Lloyd Glasspool advanced to the men’s doubles final of the ATP250 tennis tournament in Marseille, France on Saturday. The Finnish-British duo defeated the Australians who did not place in the semi-finals Matthew Ebdenin and Matt Reidin erin 6–2, 6–3.

“Ebden wasn’t physically in full swing because of his injury in the duel. But there will never be a win, the Aussies’ belief in victory was played low enough with a clinical performance and their own plot was treated with honor, ”Heliövaara said in the press release.

For Heliövaara, 31, the final place is the first in ATP-level doubles. Against Sunday set against David Pel and Sander Arends.

“The Dutch couple has been familiar for several years, but the final is always a special match. The Dutch know how to play four-game tactics and special situations really well, but we will hopefully be stronger in the passing and returning game, ”the Finn planned.

Final pairs the doubles world rankings are as follows: Heliövaara 100th, Glasspool 129th, Pel 83rd and Arends 89th.

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