Tennis | Harri Heliövaara again to a new record ranking, even though he lost in the final

The Polish opponents twice broke the pass of Heliövaara’s British pair Lloyd Glasspool. The match ended in a nasty double fault

Harri Heliövaara and Lloyd Glasspool wasted their chance to win when the Brit lost two passes in the final match of the ATP tournament in Metz on Sunday. Polish duo Hugo Nys and Jan Zielinski won the final match in two sets 7–6 (7–5), 6–4.

The second pass loss was particularly glaring, as it was resolved by Glasspool’s double fault.

“Losing in the final always feels like a loss, even after a good week. A loss always hurts”, Heliövaara admitted after the tournament.

“On the other hand, this was already our sixth final at the ATP level this year, and it cannot be considered a bad performance.”

Noise hazard and Glasspool started the game by fighting. Glasspool lost a pass right in the first shift, and Heliövaara could only hold their own pass with difficulty.

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“The opponents started the match sharply. They started playing with a big risk close to the boundary lines, but they succeeded in it. They were very much on top of their game right from the start,” stated Heliövaara.

“The Poles were slightly better in every area, so the victory now belonged to them. We got into the game better at the end of the first set, but even in that situation the opponent found a few more extra weapons.”

Noise hazard and Glasspool won the ATP500 tournament in Hamburg this season. The duo is also looking forward to a good final season.

“We are in a positive mood. We are playing well and it feels like we are going to the finals every time. There is no reason to rush, so we will continue in the same way”, Heliövaara planned.

“There will certainly be profits in the future.”

With Metz’s result, Heliövaara rises to 14th place in the world doubles rankings and Glasspool to 20th place.

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“Let’s enjoy the new record ranking,” Heliövaara added.

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