Tennis | Four-player Harri Heliövaara ran into strict rules in the first Wimbledon tournament of his career: One of the equipment was rejected

Emil Ruusuvuori is looking for success in a duel after a difficult spring.

28.6. 19:24

Wimbledon a traditional tennis tournament is known for its strawberries and champagne. Rain, umbrellas and waiting are equally combined with the prestigious event.

Finnish four-player Harri Heliövaara, 32, reached the adult grand slam for the first time in his career and went straight to Wimbledon. The first day of the race began with an acquaintance with the rain.

Heliövaara spent time at the Park Plaza luxury hotel near Westminster in London and waited for games to start on more than two covered pitches.

All players live in the giant Park Plaza Hotel and travel to and from the shuttles. There is no matter outside the bubble.

Finns the four players hit the adjoining rooms when Henri Kontinen inhabit behind the next door.

Equally living in the same hotel Emil Ruusuvuori, Roger Federer, championship defensive Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and many other superstars.

Despite the rain, Heliövaara claims to be in the spotlight before his first big tournament. “That’s right.”

Although the exact time or date of the opening match between Heliövaara and other Finns is not known, Heliövaara has gained a feel for Wimbledon elsewhere than on the training grounds of Aorangi Park. Each player is allowed to practice for at least an hour on the grass of Wimbledon.

“There came a kind of proud feeling to go play all-white on. The feeling that he has achieved something in his career while being here. ”

Race fields are accurate – even in training. Heliövaara’s cap did not pass the inspection when the white headdress had a black bottom edge.

“I have to get new Caps for the matches.”

Wimbledon The grand slam tournament went unplayed last summer for the first time since World War II.

A year ago, the coronavir defeated a prestigious event, but this year the organizers built a tennis bubble in London.

Initially, all players were tested and in bubble conditions were able to set off England’s otherwise accurate entry quarantines. During the tournament, tests follow every couple of days.

That much of the coronavirus would bite even before the start of the tournament that the British Johanna Konta had to skip the races when his coaching team revealed a positive corona test result. Also the Danish doubles size Frederik Nielsen fell aside after the test.

Nielsen won the Wimbledon doubles tournament in 2012 after receiving a wild card. Heliövaara and English Lloyd Glasspool are involved in the wild card this year.

The Finnish trio will leave for this year’s Wimbledon in slightly different settings.

Danger of sound went to ask Nielsen before the test results how to win the tournament from a wild card player.

“Originally we had to play Wimbledon with Emil so we could get in without a wild card. It was mainly a matter of pairing, ie I would rather play with Lloyd, and then a wild card was needed, ”Heliövaara says by phone from London.

The English Tennis Association is proposing to the organizers who would be given wild cards. The proposal was approved, even though Glasspool is playing with a Finnish couple.

Rose lining focuses almost exclusively on singles, and Heliövaara has been building his career with Glasspool for a long time. The pair even won their first ATP tournament together in Marseille last March.

The Finnish trio will leave for this year’s Wimbledon in slightly different settings. Rose Mountain had a hard time after Miami’s successful Masters tournament.

Rose Mountain lost in the first round in four consecutive mass field tournaments. After that, on the grass fields, his balance is two wins and two losses.

Kontinen won Christophe Roger-Vasselin with the Montpellier ATP-250 tournament in February and was behind the Rotterdam semi-finals. Since then, the losses have followed one another. He completely skipped the grass field tournaments played under Wimbledon.

Heliövaara and Glasspool severely challenged the world’s No. 1 pair on the Eastbourne grass Nikola Mektićin and Mate Pavićin. The semi-final loss came only after five lost match balls.

“If it weren’t annoying, there would be something wrong,” Heliövaara says but at the same time emphasizes the match has brought self-confidence. The top of the world is not hopelessly far away.

Danger of sound and Glasspool will face a Dutch couple in their opening match Wesley Koolhofin and Jean-Julien Rojerin.

The pair assures that the goal is not just in the second round but in the second week of the tournament.

Rose Mountain faces the United States Marcos Gironin, which is 66th in its ATP ranking just above Ruusuvuori.

Kontinen and Roger-Vasselin meet the Indians Rohan Bopannan and Divij Sharanin.



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