Tennis | Emil Ruusuvuori fought valiantly against Russian star Andrei Rublev: “He is a huge talent”

In both batches, Ruusuvuori lost his pass once.

Russian world star Andrei Rublev proved to be too strong an opponent for Emil Ruusuvuori in the tennis ATP 500 tournament in Dubai.

Rublev, 23, won the match 6–4, 6–4, scoring just one but enough feed break in both sets.

First the batch resolved to a feed-in break at the outset. In the first game, Rublev took the input from Ruusuvuori, after which he went to the finish line at the same time: 4-6 Russian stars. The fraction of the second batch came in the middle.

“I played my best match here in three years. I played well when it was the first match of the tournament and especially when faced with a player as good as Emil. He’s a huge talent, ”Rublev said in a field interview.

Rublev is ranked second in Dubai and eighth on the ATP list. The level difference was visible on the field, but not terribly large or in any way impossible.

Rose Mountain, especially in the first installment, was able to build places and strike breakthroughs. He also kept up well with the pace of the game, although in the end the assurance started to crack a bit.

At the beginning of the match, Ruusuvuori was able to take a few long ball rallies in difficult and windy conditions.

As the match progressed, Rublev showed how he could build points and run Rose Mountain momentarily from corner to pile. Even in this mill, Ruusuvuori was not too far behind.

Rose lining has not encountered a player of this level for a while, but clearly has enough ability to challenge even more severely.

The last time Rose Mountain played against the top 10 players was in a Cincinnati tournament in New York last fall. Italian Matteo Berrettini was then eighth on the ATP list, but Rose Mountain stretched the solution into three installments.

In the current comparison and fitness bar, Rublev is a player from a completely different country than Berrettini

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