Tennis | Do tennis players feed mice at the Australian Open Hotel? “I understand some kind of feeding has been practiced”

More than 70 players are in coronavirus quarantine.

Part players preparing for the Australian Open Coronavir Quarantine have got a surprising result of their loneliness. The Melbourne Hotel has mice.

Kazakhstan on the women’s world rankings 28 Julia Putintseva posted a video on Twitter showing the mouse jumping out from behind the closet.

“There are many of them now, not just one anymore,” he wrote.

Putintseva was allowed to change rooms, but her new room is apparently in the same condition, she says BBC.

Victorian Minister of State Lisa Neville urged players to “minimize interaction” with mice.

“I understand some kind of feeding has been practiced,” he commented.

“We will continue to control the pest if necessary, but hopefully the measures taken this week have fixed the problem.”

In total ten people who flew to the Melbourne tennis tournament have given a positive coronavirus sample. On Wednesday, the number increased by three when two players and one background person gave a positive sample.

There are more than 70 players in the quarantine. The tournament is scheduled to start on February 8th.


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