Tennis | Croatian referee makes history at Wimbledon: first woman to condemn men’s singles final

Novak Djokovic believes the Wimbledon audience will take the Italian underdog as their favorite in the final.

White the outfits remain the dress code of Wimbledon, but the history of tennis on the grass shrine gets a new chapter on Sunday. From Croatia Maria Chichakista becomes the first woman to serve as a referee in the men’s singles final at Wimbledon.

In the final, they will play their sixth Wimbledon championship aspirant Novak Djokovic and the challenger Matteo Barrettini, who already made his home Italian tennis history by reaching the finals.

In 2014, Čičak condemned the Wimbledon women’s singles final in which they played Petra Kvitova and Eugenie Bouchard. She also has final experience from the 2017 Women’s Doubles final.

Zagrebista native Čičak has condemned matches in 15 consecutive Wimbledon tournaments.

The Olympic tennis matches have been condemned by Čičak in 2004 in Athens, 2012 in London and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, where she condemned the women’s singles final. The London Olympic tennis was played on the grass of Wimbledon.

Last year was missed in Wimbledon because the tournament was not held due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Djokovic goes to the finals as a favorite, and he believes the majority of the 15,000 spectators are on the side of the underdog, Berrettin.

“There’s a big difference to playing when the audience is on the side, compared to cheering on an opponent,” Djokovic predicts.

Berrettini would be the first Italian grand slam winner since 1976 to win. Adriano Panatta won the French Open.

Djokovic, who will play in the final of the 30th grand slam tournament of his career, is also behind the writing of history. He is looking to win the 20th value tournament of his career, which would raise him to the level of value wins Roger Federerin and Rafael Nadalin chest.

If Sunday brings victory, Djokovic still misses the victory in the September U.S. Open Championship.

In that case, he would become the first male player to win all the value tournaments of the calendar year for the first time ago. Rod Laverin in 1969.

“I hope the audience recognizes the importance of the match for me. This is the history of the sport,” Djokovic anticipated and stressed that he needed to focus on his own game.



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