Tennis | Andy Murray was furious at Stefanos Tsitsipas’ delaying tactics: “I lost my respect for him”

Andy Murray bowed from the lead in the opening round of the US Open against three on the world list.

Britannian tennis star and Olympic winner Andy Murray was furious after the loss of Greece To Stefanos Tsitsipas In the first round of the U.S. Open after a five-round battle.

Murray led the match 2-1, but lost the last two rounds 3–6 and 4–6 and the whole match 2–3.

Murray’s nerves in particular were paused by Tsitsipas at the time of the match.

Tsitsipas took a toilet break that lasted nearly eight minutes. In addition, he asked for treatment on his left leg after losing the third set.

Thus the Greek, placed third in the tournament, got a little cut off from Murray’s good mood.

Murray resolved his frustration during the match for the referee and continued at the press conference.

“He’s a great player, but I don’t have time for that. I lost my respect for him, ”Murray said after the match, according to Reuters news agency.

“It’s lousy because I think it affected the outcome of the match. I’m not saying I necessarily would have won, but it did.”

There is no time limit for toilet visits in tennis, and Tsitsipas said he acted within the rules.

“I don’t think I broke any rules, so everything should be fine,” he stated.

Murray is a member of the players’ association, and he said the procrastination comes up at regular intervals.

“One suggestion is that if you take a medical overtime before your opponent feeds, you lose its turn.”

“Maybe I overreacted because I lost the match, but I feel like something needs to be done about it because this isn’t good for the sport.”



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