Tennis | Andy Murray, former number one on the men’s world list, comments on Novak Djokovic’s situation: “It really isn’t good for tennis”

Australian Nick Kyrgios also took a stand this week on how to act in his country. In November, he told CNN he didn’t support a vaccine coercion, but it would not be morally correct for unvaccinated foreign players to enter Australia.

Tennis formerly number one on the world’s men’s list Andy Murray says the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC’s said he was shocked Novak Djokovicin situation.

“I’m going to say two things. First of all, I hope Novak is okay. I know him well and our relationship has always been okay, ”Murray says.

“Secondly [Djokovicin tilanne] it’s really not good for tennis, and I don’t think it’s a good thing for anyone involved. I think it’s really bad. ”

The Scot, who has won two Olympic golds and three grand slam tournaments, is ranked 134th on the ATP. He plans to take part in the Australian Open.

Open Djokovic, a Serbian star who tried to be vaccinated, has been denied a visa. Djokovic, who has appealed against his deportation decision, is awaiting trial at a hotel known by the BBC as the Immigrant Detention Center.

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Djokovic has not received assurances from the Australian government that he will receive a medical exemption to enter the country without a coroner vaccine.

Australian Nick Kyrgios took a position two days ago on how to deal with Djokovic, a US media company CNN said on Friday.

“I believe in the measures and I got the coroner vaccine for the sake of others and for my mother’s health, but the way we handle Novak’s situation is really bad,” Kyrgios wrote To their Twitter account.

Kyrgios CNN said in November that it did not support a vaccine coercion, but access to unvaccinated foreign players in Australia would not be morally correct.

The sixth Spaniard on the world list Rafael Nadal understand Australian frustration with the coronavirus.

“He [Djokovic] made their own decision and everyone is free to make their own decisions, but they have consequences, ”Nadal told AFP.

Djokovic’s situation has provoked widespread opposition in his home country of Serbia. His father Srdjan Djokovic has compared his son to Jesus.

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Djokovicin attitudes towards coronavirus have been criticized since the beginning of the pandemic. Among other things, his invitation tour in the summer of 2020 caused resentment.

Due to reckless behavior, the tour in the Balkans turned into a corona spin and had to be stopped prematurely. The tour was played to full audiences.

Djokovic’s lawyer claims that the tennis star contracted a coronavirus in December. Immediately after his alleged day of infection, Maskiton Djokovic took part in an event where he handed out prizes to children who had succeeded in a tennis tournament.

Djokovic’s expulsion appeal will be heard in court on Monday.

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