Tennis | An opponent’s injury saved Roger Federer’s sequel at Wimbledon: “He was a better player”

Adrian Mannarino of France slipped and slithered in the wet grass.

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federerin The Wimbledon tournament began in a split atmosphere.

Federer survived the second round, but possibly only because of the Frenchman Adrian Mannarino injured in the fourth installment.

Mannarino led 2-1 when he slipped on the midfield grass with a score of 2-4 (15-15). The situation looked harmless, but Mannarino’s knee twisted sideways in a sudden bend.

The tournament a physiotherapist came to the field and turned and twisted Mannarino’s knee to test whether the injury prevented him from playing. A moment later, it became clear that the knee would no longer be able to withstand the stresses of the fifth batch.

“It was horrible and showed how one point can change everything,” Federer said in a field interview.

“He could have won this match, he was a better player.”

In the second and especially in the third set, the left-handed Mannarino dominated the game almost the way he wanted. His twisted and outward feeds were difficult to restore and Federer did not want to get to the balls properly. Federer’s flashes remained rare.

As the basic punch rallies stretched long or even half-length, Federer, 39, looked slow and lost his sharpness.

Federer played in the Wimbledon final in 2019, when the tournament was last held. That’s when he got to the head of the match balls from the championship against Serbian Novak Djoković.

The past two years have not been very merciful to Federer. The long coronavirus break and knee surgeries have paid their taxes, and its champion also noticed in the match.

“It was the ups and downs of it all. I was just trying to keep the score short, ”Federer said.

Federer had mixed thoughts after the match. The sequel tasted good, but not as it came. Similarly, every day during the tournament can help him get in a little better mood.

Mannarino is a stylish player who split the balls accurately into the corners of the field as the game and knees work. He would have deserved a chance to challenge Federer in the fifth set, and the match might not have even stretched there without injury.

The fifth set had only one point to play when Mannarino nodded to Federer to arrive online. After the handshake, the match was over.

Federer has an ongoing 20th Wimbledon tournament where he is placed as a player. No one has ever been to Wimbledon so many times placed in a men’s singles.

Finnish Emil Rose Mountain had to play the opening round match in the afternoon, but due to the rains the start of the match was postponed to late Tuesday night.



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