Tennis | A tennis star accused his opponent of lying, an atmosphere broke out in a Wimbledon match: “Your behavior is horrible”

Ajla Tomljanovic barked at Jelena Ostapenko as a liar when she said she had hurt herself.

Wimbledon there was a special incident at the tennis tournament on saturday when an australian Ajla Tomljanovic and Latvian Yelena Ostapenko drifted into the middle of the match.

The third-round match was turning to Tomljanovic when Ostapenko began to regret a sudden injury. Until then, the Latvian player seemed completely fit to play.

Ostapenko was granted an overtime to treat the injury. His opponent was furious at the decision.

“You know he’s lying? We all know, ”Tomljanovic steamed the match to the referee.

You can watch a video of what happened from this link.

Tomljanovic had to wait for 11 minutes when his opponent was treated. Whether Ostapenko’s overtime then a tactical bet or not, the course of the game it did not change in the end. Tomljanovic won the match 4–6, 6–4, 6–2.

After the match, spectators held their breath as the players encountered each other online. In that situation, one would normally throw a hand in a good spirit. This time, however, it did not.

“I hope you feel better,” Tomljanovic said in an ice-cold tone.

“Your behavior is horrible. No respect at all. You are the poorest player in the whole tournament, ”Ostapenko replied.

The match winning Australian said laterthat right injury is easily distinguished from a pretended injury.

“He was just trying to get my head confused. It’s about doing that when we’re at a loss and the game is coming to an end, ”Tomljanovic said.



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