Temptation Island: Luciano Punzo makes a dedication to Manuela

After appearing in the company of some friends but without Manuela Carriero, his girlfriend, in these hours Luciano Punzo has clarified how things are with his partner, giving her beautiful words on social media!

Luciano Punzo and Manuela Carriero they met a Temptation Island this summer. The two, one tempter, the other one competitor of the reality show, they decided to dating and today they are experiencing one beautiful love story. Soon the couple will go to cohabit, always a Naples, but in the meantime the beautiful model and the bartender continue to emphasize theirs feeling on social.

Lately Luciano made i suspicious followers for appearing with different people among which, however, the Carriero. Immediately, however, Punzo made it clear that it was about work and, in fact, he explained that he was busy shooting the video clip of a song.

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For him, in fact, there is only his Manu.

Luciano Punzo clarifies: in love with Manuela


“Guys here we are. We are ready for to record this first scene. We are one fabulous troupe “.

he said Luciano Punzo in these hours, telling his followers to be engaged with the video clip of a song.

“You guys are all asking me Manuela where. It is being done beautiful. In fact she is doing makeup and wig and soon he will be with me. Now I’m going to ask you to post a video where she is preparing “.

he then explained the former tempter, to which they had arrived different messages asking what happened to hers mate.

“Quiet guys here it is work. We are working. Let’s not start saying strange things. So it’s a working video “.

continued, while the Carriero posted a movie where he never showed traveling towards him.

“Love but I’m getting ready and I’ll come to you right away. Kiss!”.

In short, the gossips who would like to see them separated will have to change their minds: there is nothing that can divide them!

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