Teleworking Business lunches overseas switched to video conferencing – corporations accustomed to teleworking will take into account flying twice sooner or later

In spring The coronavirus, which had spread into a global pandemic, also confused the business travel plans of several Finnish companies. Representatives of Neste, Ponsse, Peikko Group and Metso tell STT that the business trips made by air rushed to the wall in the spring.

Will air travel resume after the end of the pandemic?

“One could easily say that for sure. However, the human mind is such that if and when this issue seems to be won and returned perhaps closer to normal, then certainly such things as flying will return, ”says Neste’s Vice President, Human Resources, Security and Procurement. Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson.

STT the companies interviewed say they will consider flying in the future twice before buying airline tickets. As work has gone without flying and face-to-face meetings, companies have begun to question the need for every commute to fly.

In the future, companies’ perceptions of the need to fly may also be influenced by the desire of an individual employee to go on a business trip.

Development Manager of the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) Ari Nissinen believes that business travel on business trips will not return to normal on a pre – coronavirus scale for many years to come. Leaving the world wastes time and money.

“The number of business trips made by flying will not return in the short term for three reasons: business trips made by air take up a lot of working time, they cost a lot to the employer and their carbon footprint is large,” says Nissinen.

As a fourth reason, Nissinen cites the digital leap and remote meeting detection taken by several companies as a convenient way to work.

“Although you do understand that sometimes it’s good to meet people. Especially when you meet for the first time, ”says Nissinen.

Nissinen with Ponsse’s CEO on the same lines Juho Nummela. Meeting remotely with familiar customers and business partners is easy, but meeting people face-to-face, especially with new people, can’t be completely replaced by a video call.

Physical proximity facilitates human interaction. During teleworking, this is often not possible and, for example, creating and maintaining customer relationships is different than usual.

“You can’t even go to lunch, chat about them and get to know them,” Nummela says.

Companies are told that in the face of compulsion, they have become accustomed to new ways of working quickly and their use has gone surprisingly well. New ways of working and the reduction of long commutes have also brought new types of efficiency to work in some places.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, several companies made hundreds, even thousands of commutes a year.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted that world air traffic will not return to pre-209 levels before the coronavirus pandemic before 2024.

Statistics Finland, According to the report, Finns made about two million business trips abroad each year before the coronavirus pandemic. More than eight million leisure trips were made from Finland every year.

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