Television | Variety: The hit series Black Mirror, which paints future threats, is back

Black Mirror, created by British screenwriter-producer Charlie Brooker, became one of the most talked about TV series in a few years. The series has also won six Emmys, two of them for Best TV Movie.

Ever such popular, combining sci-fi, future dystopia and drama Black Mirror burn, says Variety. Netflix has apparently launched preparations for the sixth season of the anthology series, and according to Variete sources, the role is currently underway.

There will apparently be more episodes in the sixth season than in the fifth season, released in the summer of 2019, which consisted of only three episodes. The season will be even more cinematic than before, and each episode will be produced as its own film. Periods from previous periods were also often more than an hour long.

British screenwriter-producer Charlie Brooker created by Black Mirror became one of the most talked about TV series in a few years. The series has also won six Emmys, including two of the best TV movies (episodes USS Callister and San Junipero).

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Black Mirrorin the first seasons (2011-2014) were made for the British Channel 4, when it was not yet an international giant success but a series enjoying popularity with a smaller audience, episodes praised by critics. The giant popularity began when Netflix bought the rights to the series and released its third season in the fall of 2016.

At the turn of the year The 2018-2019 authors surprised again: instead of the fifth season, Netflix was released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an interactive film called.

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It’s like a combination of a movie and a video game: the story progresses according to the kind of decisions the viewer makes, and the story has several different endings depending on what kind of decisions the viewer has made during the film.

Bandersnatch was a new kind of experiment in the entertainment industry, and although the story was criticized for its monotony, the wild idea and implementation of the whole received an enthusiastic reception.

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Black Mirrorin the sixth season produces Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jonesin Broke & Bones, and they did quite money-making, multi-year contract With Netflix. In previous seasons, they produced at their House of Tomorrow, which was then part of the media company Endemol Shine UK and which was subsequently bought by the French Banijay Group.

Brooker and Jones left the House of Tomorrow in January 2020but the rights Black Mirroriin left Endemol Shine – and now belong to the Banijay Group. Fans have been afraid the series will end there, but now Netflix and Banijay have apparently reached an agreement that will allow at least one new production season.

Netflix and Banijay Rights declined to comment on the news to Variety.

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