Television | The new season of The Crown will see a new cast of actors, filming for the hit series will begin soon

The fifth season of the hit series about the British royal family dates back to the 1990s.

Netflixin popular The Crown Filming for the fifth season of the series begins in July.

The latest and, with these prospects, the second-last season of the British Royal Series is in the 1990s.

Variety magazine reported in the spring that the cast of the fifth season has been renewed.

Princess Diana plays Tenetknown from the film Elizabeth Debicki, prince Charlesin in the role is Dominic West, queen Elisabeth present Imelda Stauton and the princess Margaretia among other things Harlotsfamiliar from costume drama Lesley Manville.

Lesley Manville plays Princess Margaret in the new season.

The latest release is Trainspottingan actor known for his films Jonny Lee Miller. He presents in the new term, the former British prime minister John Majoria.

Jonny Lee Miller plays former British Prime Minister John Major.

To true events based series has followed the dramatic twists and turns of the royal family since the 1940s.

Last December, the British Minister for Culture Oliver Dowden demanded the beginning of episodes a warning text about the fictionality of the series. Netflix declined the claim and expressed confidence that the viewer is aware that the series is based only loosely on true events.

In the past, the series has received criticism distortion of historical facts.

It has caused the most controversy The Crownin fourth season, which does not depict the treatment of Princess Diana in the court in a very flattering light.

Former butler of the royal family Paul Burrell however, he estimates, for example, that the season is a “fair and accurate dramatization” of how the royals treated Diana.

Creator of the series Peter Morgan has defended the series by invoking the artistic freedom of the dramatists.

A series of hits done in a total of six seasons.

Since the last season is scheduled to take place in the early 2000s, the series does not address the court’s latest bustles, such as Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Marklen difference from royal duties.

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Prince Andrewin sexual offense allegations in recent years also remain untreated In The Crown.



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