Television | Sofi Oksanen’s debut novel Stalin’s Cows is made into a TV series – deals with recent Estonian history

Tuffi Films acquired the rights to Sori Oksanen’s novel.

Author Sofi Oksasen from the first novel Stalin’s cows a television series is made.

The six-part series is the first TV series based on Oksanen’s book. In the past, his novels have been made into films Purifying and Baby Jane. When the pigeons disappeared movie is under development.

The rights to Oksanen’s novel have been acquired by Tuffi Films. The series produce Venla Hellstedt and Elli Toivoniemi as well as Estonian Madis Tüür.

The series is written by a Finn Aino Kivi and Estonian Andra Teede. Stone dramatized and directed a few years ago Stalin’s cowt play to the Joensuu City Theater.

Producers according to the goal is to make “an ambitious and also a fun series of this in many ways painful story”.

Stalin’s cows was released in 2003 and became an international bestseller.

The novel tells the story of Estonian Anna, who lives in Finland, and her difficulties in adjusting between the two countries. Through the family of an Estonian-born mother, the novel also takes us further into Estonian history, the early days of Soviet Estonia, and the persecution of Stalin.

Stalin’s cows is the first part of Sofi Oksanen’s novel series on Estonian recent history.



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