Television review Wednesday’s TV films include a fresh feminist drama about young Arab women living in Tel Aviv

The films of the day were judged by Martta Kaukonen.

Hormones loose ★★

(Finland 1948) In Orvo Saarikivi’s comedy, Joel Rinne tries a rejuvenating hormone. (K7)

TV1 at 1:15 p.m.

American Pie – Class meeting

(USA 2012) In the useless third part of the series of teen sex comedies, the Frends (including Jason Biggs) head for a class meeting. (K12)

TV5 at 10 p.m.

Bar Bahar – dancing if amused ★★★★

(Israel / France 2016) Directed by Maysalou Hamoud’s firstborn, a fresh feminist drama follows the lives of three young Arab women living in Tel Aviv. The English name of the film In Between (in Finnish in between) describes the film more aptly than in Finnish: the main characters live in the squeezes of old and new gender roles. Sana Jammelieh is seen as the DJ in the lead role. (K16)

Subject at 10.30 pm

Evil flowers ★★★

(Finland 2016) A young man (Juno) is in danger of being marginalized. Antti J. Jokinen’s drama sometimes breaks into its own coolness. (K16)

Sub at 10.30pm

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