Television review The true story of a tragically traumatized man challenges his viewer

Unimaginable violence is always popular, but the challenging portrayal of the traumatized victim did not interest large audiences.

Welcome to Marwen ★★★

USA 2018

TV5 at 9 pm (K12)

Another a World War II fighter plane makes a forced landing. The pilot encounters the Nazis, from whom female puppet figures save him.

A man who imagines himself to be a pilot is Mark Hogancamp, and plays Steve Carell. Movie Welcome to Marwen is also based on a true story known as a documentary and a book.

Hogancamp was brutally beaten in the spring of 2000. Hacked into memory, the tragically traumatized man created a fantasy world and built a model of a Belgian village in his yard, in which the Nazis symbolized his beaters and female soldiers friends. The photographs Hogancamp took of his creations made him a famous artist.

Supervisor Robert Zemeckis is a master of entertainment fantasies and a pioneer of effects technology, who has made captivating hits: Green diamond hunting, Back to the Future -trilogy, Who set the trap, Roger Rabbit, Death puts on him, Forrest Gump, The first connection, The secret beneath the surface, Cast Away – windswept, Arctic express train, Monster house, Beowulf.

Welcome to Marwen however, received rude reviews, flopped at the box office and its theatrical premieres were canceled in all Nordic countries.

The film challenges its viewers, and without denying its kinky twists, it’s easy to get away with it. But has violent entertainment also numbed the general public so that the victim must also be a traditional hero bravely wounding from his injuries, and not a shocked victim in a brave director’s plastic doll nightmare?

I guess the value of the film is still going up.



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