Television review The short documentary follows marine biologist Juha Flinkman in his work in the Baltic Sea, and the biologist’s message is rude.

For Juha Flinkman, the Baltic Sea is not just a job, but something more personal.

First good news: The state of the Baltic Sea is not entirely hopeless. Over the years, agreements and various measures have been taken, as a result of which, for example, the amount of nutrients flowing into the sea has clearly decreased.

Short documentary My dear, sick Baltic Sea still does not beautify the situation. An experienced marine biologist on the research vessel Aranda, who has been sailing the world’s seas for more than 30 years Juha Flinkman analyze a sample of water in his lively style:

“So after all, there’s the most phosphate phosphorus I’ve ever had. When it gets into surface water, it will have a party with blue-green algae again. ”

Blue-green algae the increase is due to eutrophication, and eutrophication remains the biggest problem in the Baltic Sea. As a result of eutrophication, marine oxygen depletion increases and the entire marine ecosystem suffers.

For years, scientists like Flinkman have been nosy with problems that the rest of the world is only gradually waking up to. That is why they should be listened to.

Baltic Sea is not just a job for Flinkman but something more personal. I guess it will inevitably change that way when you have seen up close how human activities affect marine health.

For example, there have been various periods of warming and cooling on Earth before. The difference is that in the past, warming has not happened so fast, Flinkman says in the documentary.

At worst, seawater warming can lead to a huge release of methane from the seabed sediments into the atmosphere.

“There’s going to be a game over at that point,” Flinkman uploads.

The message is rude, but as such it has to be offered for it to get through.

My dear, sick Baltic Sea, TV1 at 9.30 pm and the Arena.


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