Television review The Rowing Tour short film has the same self-irony, the same actor and the same screenwriter as the Adult series, but lacks sharpness

Anna and Oona Airola star in quarrelsome sisters in a short film written by Anna Brotkin.

In a short film Rowing trip (2021) The twins Jade and Kaisa orient their backpacks on the back to the hem of nature. The intention is to spend time together without interruption, but it is different.

Annoyingly, some-influencer Jade is unable to break away from her life revolving around her smartphone, and this is what makes Kaisa more ordinary.

The roles have real sisters Anna and Oona Airola. They pump different shades of sister love to the surface, which they have time to do. Gentle emotions change through irritation to rage and back again. And oh – how different it is but still similar!

The comedy short is directed Aleksi Delikouras and scripted Anna Brotkin. Brot, of course, is remembered Adultsfrom the series starring Anna Airola.

On a rowing trip is the same humor that draws on self-irony and hints at urban millennials. This time only the most incisive blade is exhausted.

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Rowing Tour, Sub at 11:35 p.m. (K7)

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