Television review The realistic series about the life of Topi Kauppinen from Raisio is an indication that there is a demand for ordinaryness on reality television again.

Even celebrity realities today emphasize ordinary everyday life.

Man browse the dating application Tinder on your smartphone and swear. The blinds in the bachelor box are closed, the camera focuses on the waiting meatballs on the plate. When the venue is still the gray Gray Raisio, the question arises: can this be more common?

Reality series Topi – the life of a young man is what prominently promises in its name. It’s a realistic, documentary-like look at a young man’s life flow. Protagonist, Factory heroes familiar from the series Topi Kauppinen, 25, outlines his life, choices and dreams to the camera.

The whole is built on the operating table, of course, but a man who accounts for his money and women’s problems with a handheld camera creates a complete and recognizable image. In it, we have an ordinary young man who enjoys eating and driving.

Reality TV has promised from the beginning the illusion of reality and ordinaryness. In a flood of formats, it has gradually moved further away from its promises.

True, there has been no more man in front of the camera, and a more exciting type than usual has been qualified for that place as well.

In recent years, however, there have been clear signs that ordinary is popping up again.

Ordinaryness has even found its way into series built around public figures. In the night village Maria Veitola takes the journalist’s celebrity home to get a peek behind the image. Pajamas on top of an influential politician or popular artist at least looks like an ordinary bulging.

Lifestyle realities playing with fantasies have also come to the same end.

On the upper sides, for example Fitness diaries the lives of young women could not be further from Top’s hustle and bustle, but in the name of everyday life, too, swears. The guarantees of the usual are the thoughts and journalism shared directly with the camera.

Emphasizing ordinaryness is no coincidence. It is often mentioned in the names of programs: Topiseries promises a young man’s everyday life, In a night village everyday life behind the scenes and Fitness diaries confessional everyday life.

Reasons there are several interests of common interest.

Enchanted by emotions, reality TV chases authentic reactions, and ordinary underlines authenticity. On the other hand, in a culture shaped by social media, commonality has long been a topic of public update.

Ultimately, however, the normality is sealed by a bug that would have previously been cropped out of the picture. Therefore, there is now room in the box for the bachelor browsing Tinder in the heat of the flesh.

Topi – the life of a young man, TV1 at 12.20.


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