Television review The Ovitz musicians who were tortured by Mengele would have the ingredients of a history documentary without the horrors of Auschwitz.

A French documentary tells of the grim experiences of short-lived Ovitz siblings in a concentration camp. It could have opened their stages more as variety show performers.

Auschwitz in May 1944 a large sibling was brought to the extermination camp. Jewish Ovitzin of the ten adult males and females in the family, seven were short stature.

However, a serious paternal hereditary disease eventually resulted in the salvation of all the siblings.

A physician in an extermination camp specializing in twin research, a member of the Nazi SS Josef Mengele saw the siblings as a unique opportunity to advance their careers as geneticists and breeders.

“Now I have jobs for eighty years,” it is said Saved by the devil in the documentary (2019) Mengelen enthusiasts.

But can a sadistic torturer called the “Angel of Death” be perceived as a savior, like Dominique Maestratin the Finnish name of the document directed by?

Well maybe that too is better than the divine dimensions of the original name grace, a grace from which Mengele did not go down in history either.

The current Born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, Ovitze would have the ingredients of his own historical documentary even without Auschwitz and its horrors.

Before World War I, they were popular variety show entertainers who toured Central Europe for fifteen years under the name Lilliput Troupe.

In this respect, the French documentary is unnecessarily scarce and relied on only a few photographs, although the siblings of Ovitz, who sing, act and play mini – instruments, continued their performances successfully for years in Israel, where they moved in 1949.

Mengele, who was hiding in Germany, disappeared to South America the same year.

About the interviews in the compiled document, the stages of the Ovitzie family are backed by historians and psychiatrists as well as representatives of Jewish organizations, among others.

However, the youngest in the sibling series has the most weight Perla Ovitzilla (1921–2001), which recalls Auschwitz and Mengele in an archival interview.

Rescued by the Devil, TV1 at 7pm and Arena. (K12)

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