Television review The newly awarded Lost Boys is an excellent and distressing attempt to find out what happened to Jan and Ant, familiar from the film Reindeerspotting

Joonas Neuvonen’s Lost Boys tells about the last trip of Finnish friends to Asia. The documentary was awarded at the Tampere Film Festival.

Holiday, celebration and sex usually evoke positive connotations. Finnish documentary Lost Boys (2020) strips them all. The film follows friends who have left to venture into Thailand and Cambodia but whose journey takes them towards darkness.

Lost Boys is a kind of sequel to a documentary that premiered in 2010 Reindeerspotting – an escape from Christmas. Joonas Neuvonen a terrifying film told of young people from Rovaniemi and showed them robbing and pulling Subutex.

Reindeerspotting members of the personalities Jani and Antti are also Lost Boys protagonists. Lost Boys at the start of filming, Jani has just been released from prison and Reindeerspotting popularity has brought fame to its authors. Friends Jani, Antti and Joonas Neuvonen go on a trip in honor of the party.

Neuvonen used the return ticket, Jani and Antti stayed in Asia. Later, news of Jan’s death was reported in Finland in unclear circumstances on the streets of Phnom Penh.

Lost Boys is director Neuvonen ‘s attempt to find out what happened to Jan and where Antti disappeared.

One the plot that influenced the events is obvious: drugs. The material described from the joint trip shows the friends pulling everything they can get their hands on.

There are local women involved, who are sometimes talked about ugly as intermediaries of sex and sometimes engaged with Jan. The footage, both in terms of drug use and sex, is undisguised.

Neuvonen has described part of the material from his second trip, the post-exploration of manic celebrations. These images form the framework for the mystery story. The counselor is heard as a narrator’s voice, a kind of detective who investigates events Pekka Strangia.

The voice of a well-known actor and the mystery form leaning backwards lend the film a touch of fiction. They also bring posture and rhythm into chaos.

Lost Boys was awarded the Tampere Film Festival last weekend as the best feature film in the Finnish series. It is also one of the three Jussi candidates in the documentary category.

The successful but haunting film gives a dark twist to the description of tourism. Tourism is not a happy intermediate space where anything is possible, but a frightening intermediate space where anything is possible – including psychosis and death.

The concept of tourism can also be extended to authors and viewers. Director-graphs Neuvonen and Sadri Cetinkaya do not appear as tourists in terms of their footage. The presence and trust of the camera speaks of insiders.

Most viewers, on the other hand, are probably visitors Lost Boys in the world. However, it is pointless to wait for a relaxed armchair trip.

Docventures: Lost Boys, TV2 at 9.15pm and Yle Areena. (K16)

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