Television review The musical Funny Girl was great entertainment in the 1960s and brought Barbra Streisand an Oscar – Today, her attitudes feel moldy

The wife’s success is a man’s shame in the movie Funny Girl.


Funny Girl **

USA 1968

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Musical Funny Girl was the great entertainment of his time. It was directed by those who had already started during the mute season William Wyler, who earned a dozen Oscars in his career. Among other things, he is remembered for a historical spectacle Ben-Hur (1959).

Funny Girl was Wyler ‘s second last direction – but his first musical. Starring for the actor Barbra Streisandille it was the first film role. However, he was already a well-known singer and TV actor. Funny Girl he won an Oscar for.

Streisand had already played the same role in a theatrical musical that made him a star on Broadway.

Musicals loosely based Fanny Bricen to life. He was a popular comedian, singer and actor on stage, on radio and later on television.

The film begins in the early stages of Brice’s career in the 1910s. That’s when he got to the Ziegfeld Follies performances. However, the reality has been quite condensed and tidied up. The actual timeline is hardly built but the events are held in a fairytale world built into the studio.

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Funny Girl focuses on Bricen and the gambler Nick Arnstein relationship. According to biography, Arnstein was apparently a cheater, but in the film there was only a slight excursion to the dude and rogue. Omar Sharif looks like Arnstein fits slickly.

Shaking so it was already decades ago at the time of the film’s premiere. Youth thought it might feel old-fashioned in the midst of the hottest hippie time. Now it and attitudes have accumulated more than half a century more age.

A tragedy of inequality is built on the relationship. The gambler’s luck and funds are running out, but the Broadway star’s career is getting better.

Perhaps there are still men who find it difficult to endure themselves with a much more successful wife. But is there an audience that thinks such inequality is a fresh foundation for melodramatic love drama?

Little the way in which Brice’s role is apparently tailored for Streisand also feels funny today. No one, including my own mother, supposedly believes in a young woman’s potential because of her big nose and rhymes. He himself threatens to believe in his abilities.

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Streisand had already shown that his appearance was certainly not an obstacle to stardom. In the movie, he showed it again. Streisand had a big impact on the film’s realization, so maybe he himself wanted to dispel his own old uncertainty.

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