Television review The most impressive scene in Netflix’s Pieces of a Woman is real-time childbirth – which ends in death

The film about the loss of a child is based on the authors’ own experience.

Pieces of a Woman ★★★

USA / Canada / Hungary 2020

Netflix (K16)

Movie Pieces of a Woman first introduces her protagonist, her most recently pregnant Martha, and her partner Sean. Martha (Vanessa Kirby) comes from a wealthy family and works as a boss in a downtown office complex, while Sean (Shia LaBeouf) is a sobered substance addict who leads a bridge construction site unit.

Despite their differences, the Boston couple is a close-knit unit.

When the presentation gets out of the bottom in a few minutes, we get to the most handsome scene in the film: a real-time home birth.

The nearly 25-minute scene is a single shot, a living and breathing episode described in a documentary style.

At the end of it, however, death awaits.

Pieces of a Woman deals with the worst kind of loss and the different ways to deal with it.

Martha retreats into her shell. Her husband blames the midwife (Molly Parker), as does Martha’s clinging mother (Ellen Burstyn), which also involves a lawyer (Sarah Snook).

The film takes place more than six months over the year. It jumps from one day in September to one day in October, then November and December and so on. Each new episode begins with a picture of a construction site where a bridge is slowly being built and winter is turning into spring.

Symbolism underscores how people who have suffered tragedy reassemble the pieces of their lives over time.

Superficially everyday life quickly follows the same path, only worse than before. In the midst of company splashes and family dinners, there is a death test and an appointment with a lawyer.

On an emotional level, there is a constant turmoil as grief plagues both the married couple’s relationship and Martha’s relationship with her family.

Time jumps, however, reduce the emotional charge of the film. The most difficult moments are overcome by cutting to the end of the month.

compared to the first half of the drama scene overwhelming sadness birth weight seem distant. Cameraman Benjamin Loeb However, take care of the fact that in spite of telling the story of fragmentaarisuudestakin remains supple flow.

Hungarians scriptwriter Kata Webér and instructor Kornél Mundruczó have previously done together, among other things, the acclaimed Dramas White God (2014) and The moon of Jupiter (2017).

Pieces of a Woman based on a play they performed on the stage of Polish theater.

The drama is the duo’s first U.S. project, and it’s probably the most personal of their films.

The events are partly and loosely based on Webér and Mundruczó’s own experiences. They lost their common child.


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