Television review The life of the despised and beloved Spanish star La Veneno gave birth to a wildly pulling drama series related to the production of Almodóvar

The impressive and distinctive HBO series is based on the biography of La Veneno, or Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez.

La Veneno was a domestic phenomenon in the 1990s. The transgender sex worker gave the television an interview, ruffling her bare breasts, which began her career in the media.

VenenoThe series goes through a woman’s entire life cycle all the way to her death in 2016.

Showy an eight – part series based on La Veneno i.e. Cristina Ortiz Rodríguezin biography. The work is written by Valeria Vegaswhose character appears in the series.

There are good reasons for that. Vegas admired La Veneno at a young age, traveled to meet this and got inspiration from him for his own gender correction process.

Vegas is also transgender.

Vegas the character offers a less painful and contemporary growth story alongside the story of La Veneno.

When the latter was born in the 1960s to a small town under his mother’s wrath, Vegas was born in the mid-1980s to the big city of Valencia. Thanks to La Veneno, among others, he had words and role models for his feelings.

“What is not talked about does not exist,” he writes in a university essay.

Series was created by a couple Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, known collectively as Los Javis.

Their debt to his countryman, director Pedro Almódovarille, is obvious. The impact of the role model is recognizable at least by its spectacular visuals, raucous humor, and bringing the stories of gender and sexual minorities to the center.

The duo, who also acted as directors, also carry the story smoothly, even though it’s quite a time-lapse jump.

La Veneno’s childhood depictions are cut into the 1990s for sex workers in a Madrid park and the 21st century, where Vegas writes a biography of a missing woman along with its exaggerated protagonist.

Although In Veneno is both the ruthlessness of Almódovar’s early films and the overlap of tragic and comic familiar from later works, the series is not an art house pasty but a distinctive and contemporary ensemble.

Between the lines, it reflects on the relationship between publicity, presentation, and minorities.

Vegas presents Lola Rodríguez and adult La Veneno with three different actors: Jedet, Daniela Santiago and great Isabel Torres. They are all transgender.

A series in which public and media-created images play a key role should not be made with any other role.

Veneno handles authenticity in a way with wild suction. Authenticity is not about the breast material or even the absolute correctness of the story.

Big breasts or big lies don’t take away from the protagonist, who with the series will be seen as a more complete and complex person than in his TV days.

La Veneno, HBO Nordic. (K15)


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