Television review The inspiring love story sparkles as he portrays eloquent diplomatic intrigue

The successful British film tells the true story of an emotional marriage between an African prince and an English virgin.

United Kingdom ★★★★

A United Kingdom, United Kingdom 2016

TV1 at 10.40 pm and Arena (K12)

London in 1947. Crown Prince of Bechuan Seretse Khama and a British woman Ruth Williams meet and fall in love. Defying prohibitions and threats, they enter into a love marriage and want to settle in the man’s homeland of Africa.

A film with a double meaning United Kingdom times the heavy twists and turns that the couple went through in the crossfire of national traditions, diplomatic intrigue, ruthless colonial looting, and racist apartheid politics in neighboring South Africa.

Foresighted work bore fruit: the British Protectorate became independent in Botswana in 1966, and Khama was voted its first president.

The love story is inspiring and historically enlightening, and it shines in the rhetoric of its speeches. The main parts are presented by David Oyelowo and from a Bond girl to a women’s activist Rosamund Pike.

In the past, portrayals of racism were directed by white liberals, but now one can blindly guess that the director Amma Asante is a black woman. Needless to say, he also knows his job flawlessly.


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