Television review The history of the 155-year-old Ku Klux Klan is told in a startlingly pertinent time

The two-part French documentary validly introduces the Ku Klux Klan, a forerunner of trumpetism and a parallel phenomenon.

Olipa once an American organization with millions of members, even though it was violently hostile to people of different skin tones and worlds of thought.

The organization was able to influence the selection of the presidential candidate and had its own information channels such as newspapers and radio stations. The action was justified Biblical I said, but more executives were caught in fornication.

The organization felt so widely accepted that tens of thousands of its members took part in a joint march in Washington DC, proudly on their own face.

It may sound familiar and fresh, but the description is not directed at the Trumpers last week but at the infamous Ku Klux Clan in 1925.

David Korn-Brzozan directed by a two-part French documentary KKK – an American story indeed presented at a staggeringly pertinent time.

The similarities between past and present terror are no coincidence. In many ways, this is a direct continuation, as evidenced by the documentary events of 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ku Klux Klan was involved in organizing the Unite the Right event, in which a far-right participant drove his car towards a group of protesters. One died and 19 were injured.

President Donald Trump noted that there were “good people on both sides” in Charlottesville. When he spun his speech – as he did last week on congressional conquest – everyone knew which statement Trump was talking about.

Ku Klux The documentary tells the story of the history of the clan, as it seems to cover even the most surprising details between them – such as the one who effectively opposed the KKK. Supermanradio list written by a journalist who infiltrated the organization.

The KKK was founded in 1865 by Southern civil war veterans who wanted to entertain themselves by intimidating liberated slaves. Soon, however, serious violence began, which determined how the blacks in the South might live their lives.

Key turning points included DW Griffithin propaganda blockbuster The birth of the nation (1915), which began to increase the membership of the Ku Klux Klan to the millionth grade.

Through the central goal of the terrorist organization in its history has been – again in a timely manner – to distort the election results. Murder series and other violence were a really effective means of this until at least the 1960s.

After the Civil War, 42 percent of the population of the state of Georgia was African American, currently 32. Still only last week, the first of them, Raphael Warnock, was elected to the Federal Senate.

KKK – American Story, Theme at 9 pm and Yle Areena. (K16)


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