Television review The follow-up documentary tells of the birth stages of the “quite unrealistically large” Dance House

Saila Sorti’s documentary reveals more differences than similarities in the field of dance.

17.2. 2:00 | Updated 8:13

For decades The long-awaited Dance House was opened on 2 February in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, in connection with the Cable Factory. Salla Sorrin guided by a follow-up document Exploring the dance house says, in the words of the researcher, about the concrete stages of building a “quite unrealistically large” house.

The project has not lacked drama and twists and turns, as evidenced by news clips, among other things. The program will end with the laying of the foundation stone in January 2020. After that, there was another turn in which the Dance House project manager Matti Numminen resigned.

The documentary monitors the substantive progress of the project through the eyes of two researchers. Ethnographs Marja-Liisa Trux and a doctor of dance Isto Turpeinen conducted an action survey in 2017–2020 What is a good dance made of? For they strive to help dance professionals articulate their own work and find things that unite in a rather fragmented field.

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The progress of the research in dialogue with various dance artists forms the story line of the documentary, and the narrator is Trux. The documentary is so inside the reality of the study that it sometimes forgets to open things up to the viewer, for example, to introduce the people involved in the study with clear subtitles.

The most interesting output of the documentary is the dancers ’own reflections on their underfunded field, many of whose representatives often find it easier to find differences than similarities.

Exploring the Dance House, Theme at 9pm and Arena.

Correction 7.3. at 8.12: The name of the documentary director is Salla Sorri, not Saila Sorri as the article was previously misspelled.

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