Television review The documentary about doing business with young online stars is both sympathetic and cold

The American documentary Jawline presents the lights and shadows of Internet culture. Starring a small-town teenage boy who wants to be an online star in Los Angeles.

American document Jawline follows a 16-year-old Tennessee boy aspiring to pursue a career in online live streaming services and social media. At the same time, the film opens up a pattern of business action: girls get support and hope from the celebrities they follow online, the youngsters themselves gain popularity and followers, and the Managers in the background wrap up the money.

Liza Mandelupin filmed in 2016–2017, the film is both comic-sympathetic and cold. The main character is responsible for the bright half Austyn Tester, who lives on YouTube every day, writes poems on Twitter and publishes lipstick videos on the pre-TikTok service. He constantly encourages his followers to “pursue their dreams”.

Its The tester does it himself. A young man living in the small town of Kingsport with his sister, brother and mother dreams of a big world. In practice, it means Los Angeles.

Excerpts from the mansion in Los Angeles are being cut for the testator’s naivety vacation. There live a number of people whose dream has already come true. Manager in his twenties Michael Weist has drawn into his team a number of young men with followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands, some in the millions.

Weist does not beautify his views to the camera. He talks about how “it is important to make money as quickly as possible” and how “talent is substitutable”. His “products” have an expiration date.

The manager is described as shopping at Rodeo Drive luxury stores and ordering masseurs and pedicures for the mansion. Documentary filmmaker Mandelup lets Weist build his own success story on camera, and the end result is flattering.

However, money is also central to Tester’s story. Tester shares a messy room with his brother, and his single mother can’t afford to buy her son the computer he wants or the latest cell phone. However, a big opportunity opens up when Tester gets in touch with the manager who bonged him.

Supervisor Mandelup follows Tester swimming in the river, playing with the kittens, and arguing with his mother about school. Instead of plucking information, he lets the characters act in their own environment and in their daily lives.

The solution brings calm cinematicity to the work and a tangle to Tester’s character.

In the process Jawline reach a teenage world with something new and something old.

The live streaming environment represents the young people’s own culture and fresh earnings model. On the other hand, fans who come to meet their idols are similar to those already in the time of the Beatles: emotional and excited.

Jawline, Theme at 9.45 pm and Yle Areena.


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