Television review The crime cases in the early 20th century series in Vienna are childish, but the entertainment values ​​and milieu are in place

In the entertaining Blood in Vienna series, Freud’s young student comes up with the idea of ​​becoming a crime profiler.

Historic the crime scenes of the era are of their own kind, perhaps even a little fashionable now. French is served above The garçonne, and now begins the British-Austrian Blood in Vienna, which shows three and a half hour cases. The series is also coming to a sequel.

So the milieu is Vienna, and time is the beginning of the last century. The main character is Max Liebermann (Matthew Beard) is studying to be a doctor and has got a little taste of the city Sigmund Freudin revolutionary doctrines. Freud appears in the series only as a name that is repeated frequently.

As a trainee, Liebermann has to observe how mental health patients are treated using traditional methods of torture. He concludes with Commissioner Oskar Reinhardt (Jürgen Maurer), and after a few cases, they begin to use the term profiler. Liebermann is developing his method with good success.

Liebermann’s character is a British crime writer-psychologist Frank Tallisin creation, and a series by a screenwriter Steve Thompson there are a few episodes in the career, among other things Sherlockia.

The cases are pretty childish, but the series has entertainment values ​​in place. The unique charm of the city of Vienna stands out nicely, as the series has been filmed in real places, such as on the legendary Ferris wheel of the Prater amusement park – you could say of course.

Mahler flash, Mozartia are listened to, and the persecution of the Jews darkens the atmosphere.

Blood in Vienna, TV1 at 9.55 pm and Yle Areena.

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