Television review The Cold Case is a multifaceted series of police teams investigating unsolved criminal cases – The episodes of the second season of the series also convince

The central plot of the second season is based on a factual event that badly tarnished the reputation of the police.

Swedish the actor and comedian mentioned as the funniest man Robert Gustafsson received two years ago the most prestigious Kristallen Television Award in his country for a role no one could have expected of him.

Cold case in the series, he was anxious and depressed, a sense of humor criminal police officer Peter Wendel, tormented by the unclear death of his police brother, whose loneliness was exacerbated by weak social abilities.

Gustafsson now returns to the role in the second season of the series (2021) even more convincing, as Wendel, who lives with her teenage daughter, now has to stretch more as a person.

Criminologist and author Leif GW Perssonin the central – and very disgusting – plot of the five-part series devised by the Samuel Fröler, he, too, phenomenally empathetic.

Slowly, at the heart of a multifaceted and vigilant series to the very end are people and human motives: weakness, deceit and wickedness, and the occasionally mocking goodness.

Cold Case, Elisa Entertainment Viaplay.


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