Television review The British series depicts 18th-century brothels entertainingly but also takes history seriously

Harlot moves around the corners of whores in London. The series is based on the books of author-historian Hallie Rubenhold.

Why series name not translated? Harlot means prostitute, so the name could be succinctly according to the original design of Porost, even without the fancy subtitle.

There is nothing particularly fancy about the British series, although it can be considered entertainment. Harlots depicts 1760s life on the corners of London’s Covent Garden and Soho, and is experienced by women in the area, many of whom have ended up working for brothels. The lives of these women were not made of roses, but it would not have been any easier anywhere else. If the family had no wealth, the women ended up between the ditch and the spring.

ITV’s and the series, commissioned by the American Hulu, is based on a writer-historian Hallie Rubenholdin books and in particular the non-fiction book Harlot’s Handbook from 2008, on the basis of which a documentary has recently been made. Harlotsseries arrives in Finland with a long delay, as its first season has already been completed in 2017. Since then, two more seasons have been completed, and everything is now shown in the tube at Yle.

There was potential in the subject because the series was allowed to continue for so long. Right from the start, you can see that it has sought the same audiences as in the success series, for example Peaky Blinders. The British have always been adept at period dramas, but there has been a need to reform the genre. HarlotsThe series is modernized with rock music and the delicious colors of the costumes, which has now become an established recipe for the success of many epoch films and series.

Aesthetics and unrestrainedness is not far enough, but pretty soon the drama and its characters will have soul and depth. Women are not as confident and sexy as the demonstrations suggest, and the series does not beautify the realities of society. Men and women who have come from the colony are also added to the personal gallery.

Opposite are two employers in the industry, working-class Margaret Wells and the queen of better blocks, Madame Quigley. They wage a ruthless war with each other, and Quigley is thoroughly evil, as is the case with entertainment. Wells is not good either, but a degree more humane towards his subordinates. Wells aims for a social rise to the edge of Soho. Fighting couples are acting Samantha Morton and Lesley Manville.

Wells’ daughters Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Lucy (Eloise Smyth). Charlotte has a rich breadwinner (great Hugh Skinner), and the same mother hopes for her youngest. However, Charlotte doesn’t want to be humiliated by a silly man, and her mother refuses to see her in trouble. The chain of generations was not so broken in the 18th century.

Harlots – Pahe’s Nest TV1 at 11.15 pm and Yle Areena.



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