Television review Sunday’s TV movies include Fight Club, one of the most important Hollywood dramas of the 1990s

The films of the day were judged by Martta Kaukonen.

Delicious life ★★★

(USA / India 2014) A Michelin restaurant located in a small French town (owned by Helen Mirren) gets a competitor from an Indian family business. Lasse Hallström’s drama is raging with food porn. (K7)

Hero at 11.20

Now You See Me ★★★

(USA 2013) In Louis Leterrier’s hefty opening of a series of rogue comedies, magicians (including Jesse Eisenberg) plotted a bank robbery. (K12)

Hero at 5 p.m.

Pride and Prejudice ★★★★

(Britain / France / USA 2005) Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) falls in love with Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen). Joe Wright’s costume drama is stylish.

Fri at 5.30pm

Madagascar penguins ★★★

(USA 2014) A group of penguin champions receives a vengeful octopus (voiced by John Malkovich). The penguins ’contributions were the most fun in the Madagascar animations, so it’s no wonder they got their own spin-off animation, which is also the fourth installment in the series. (K7)

TV5 at 6.15pm

Fight Club ★★★★★

(USA 1999) The men (Edward Norton and Brad Pitt) form a fighting club. David Fincher films a furious black comedy from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel that still kicks the viewer into the yard. The work depicting the crisis of masculinity is one of the most important Hollywood films of the 1990s. The director’s view is downright cheeky. Norton and Pitt excel in the lead roles. (K16)

TV2 at 9 p.m.

Batman & Robin ★★

(USA 1997) Mr. Frost (Arnold Schwarzenegger) challenges the Batman (George Clooney). Joel Schumacher directed the fourth installment of the first comic book series based on DC Comics comics. The director’s style makes you miss Tim Burton, who directed the first two parts. (K12)

Sub at 9 p.m.

Hard as a rock ★★★★

(USA 2010) A 14-year-old girl (Hailee Steinfeld) chases her father’s murderer (Josh Brolin). The feminist slipper of the Coen brothers is one of their best jobs. (K16)

Fox at 9 p.m.

I Do… Until I Don’t ★★★★

(USA 2017) Documentary filmmaker (Dolly Wells) makes a documentary designed to show that marriage is an institution that has lived its time. With his insightful comedy, Lake Bell once again proves to be one of the most interesting contemporary directors in the United States. Mary Steenburgen and Paul Reiser always laugh as a quarreling couple. (K12)

TV5 at 9 p.m.

The Hunger Game – The Impersonator, Part 2 ★★★

(USA 2014) Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) incites rebellion. (K12)

Liv at 9 p.m.

Spider-Man – Homecoming ★★★

(USA 2017) Spider-Man (Tom Holland) gets a new enemy: arms dealer Vulturen (Michael Keaton). John Watts directed the opening of the Marvel cartoon filming trilogy. 21-year-old Holland is the button choice for an anxious teenage superhero spandex outfit. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who are almost in their thirties and seen earlier in the role, seem prehistorically old compared to him. (K12)

Nelonen at 9.35 pm


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