Television review Space has proven to be a difficult topic for comedy series creators: the Moonbase 8 series fails either

The Moonbase 9 comedy series offers no fun insights, let alone laughter. Even the milieu remains a lead door.

Space has proven to be a tricky area for even skilled comedy series creators. This year, Netflix released Steve Carellin and Greg Danielsin created by Space Forcen and HBO in turn Armando Ianuccin written by Avenue 5. Both were disappointing. Now try to have fun Moonbase 8. And it doesn’t work either.

Moonbase 8 describes three NASA employees hoping to get on a lunar flight and so far practicing space life in a space station simulation built in the Arizona desert.

The everyday life of the trio is not very exciting. But just like in space, their diet consists of dry meals and when they go out they have to wear astronaut costumes.

Skilled comedians Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker and John C. Reilly have created the series together Jonathan Kriselin with. They are also its lead actors. The humor of the six-part series is based on the characters: one is a scientist who grew up in the shadow of his father, the other is a believing father of a child catastrophe, and the third is a man fleeing his failures.

Astronaut candidates do not have the skills or motivation to run a disciplined space station. Sometimes the inability of the trio is accentuated by more qualified colleagues and Elon Muskin members of a private Mars station.

Sympathetic Actors bring cordiality to the whole. However, humor does not offer insights, let alone laughter.

Even the milieu remains a surprising lead, even though there is a certain familiarity in it during such a quarantine period.

Moonbase 8, HBO Nordic. (K11)


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