Television Review | Save the Date Finland offers dating reality topped with the usual wedding dream

Among the newest wedding reality shows is Save the Date Suomi, where three women are looking for a marriage partner.

Still? anyone getting married without tv cameras? Probably, but more and more often the matter is handled on reality TV. And what’s more, the imagery of romantic entertainment is famously appealing in fast-paced and cheesy reality shows.

The newest newcomers include wedding reality shows Save the Date Finland, where three women are looking for a marriage partner. The catch is that the wedding day has been locked, even though the wing is missing. Katariina, Mimi and Noora you have fifty days to find the right one.

The marching order is therefore slightly different from the familiar one First date at the altar in the series. In which case will we go rear first into the tree, it’s hard to say. In any case, it’s hard to get married.

Divorce is also done in the how in Save the Date emphasizing the protagonists’ freedom to choose. External carica channels do not decide for them.

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Although, in similar programs, slapping a wedding card on the table is always aimed at some kind of excitement, in Save the Date it turns out to be partly a bluff: it’s more of the usual dating reality frosted with wedding daydreams.

Save the Date Suomi, Nelonen at 8 pm and Ruutu+.

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