Television review Reacher is the most toxic TV in male memory – too short Tom Cruise has been replaced in a brutal series with an unknown bundle of muscle

Alan Ritchson, a 190-centimeter bouquet, plays the lead role in a TV series based on the popular Reacher books in Finland.

Main the question is whether the new actor is more suitable for the lead than was previously seen in the role Tom Cruise? Answer: Mostly yes.

An eight-part American series combining action and crime Reacher based British author Lee Childin into an expanded and popular book series of over 20 pieces. Films have already been made based on the books Jack Reacher: In the Footsteps of a Killer in 2012 as well Jack Reacher: Return to headquarters in 2016.

Cruise starred in the films. It didn’t work for the fans. In the books, Jack Reacher is almost two feet tall, while Cruise is about 30 cents shorter.

The crying of the fans made the author Child give up the movies.

The Reacher book series is a money shampoo by British author Lee Child, born in 1954.

Serial format it fits better in Reacher stories.

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The first season of the series – the second is already in the works – is based on the first Reacher book published in 1997 The pace of death. In it, Reacher, a former military police officer and current self-proclaimed fist hero, arrives in an American small town, orders a peach pie, and is arrested for murder.

Reacher presents now Alan Ritchson, a relatively unknown 190-centimeter actor. He is of a suitable age and, above all, a bundle of muscles John Cenan and Arnold Schwarzeneggerin school. Ritchson has also been written into a series of terminator-like whimsy in shifts, from which, however, he does not get the most out of it. Charisma would need more.

Willa Fitzgerald, who plays the police, is in a tight situation along with Jack Reacher.

Nick Santoran the TV series developed is still more Reacher than Cruise Reacherit.

The TV series Reacher is and now works like a book. The character is a great loner with no home or family. He does not base on credit cards or computers. There is only the motherland, the United States, which is cleansed by the one-man army with bare hands of evildoers.

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Reacher doesn’t talk much but strikes more, and of course loves hotly, especially the female cops. Although the character has been modernized from books, Reacher is still a very macho, terrified toxic masculine.

Reacher popularity has been considered most cleverly in Finland Samuli Knuuti. In the publisher’s interpretation Reacherit are the best fiction and anti-literature that doesn’t even try to be anything other than that.

As such, Tom Cruise starred Jack Reacher in the 2012 film Jack Reacher: In the Footsteps of a Killer.

In Knuut’s interpretation Reacherthe book series is also very right-wing in its world. “For a liberal nerd like me, they are [kirjat] offer an almost pornographic boost, ”Knuuti exclaimed in his 2015 essay Parnasso.

The same impetus seems to have excited others: Lee Child’s books have been translated into 26, and the total sales in all formats are 517,000, says publisher Karisto. Behind the TV series is online giant Amazon, which needs series in the competition for streaming services.

Reacher brand genius is not in the stories but in the central figure, the pure hero as in the westerns sometimes. Reacher is remembered, but not the stories in which he appears. When Reacher is all in all, superiority easily turns unbelievable.

In the TV series, the contradiction has been resolved so that Reacher is the best fighter and in his observations of the new age Sherlock, but otherwise one of the crowd. It works and it doesn’t. In many places, Reacher is left out in his own series.

The actor emerges as a wedge-seeker Malcolm Goodwin as well as another police officer presented Willa Fitzgerald. On them, the series rises to the middle caste of crime series.

Reacher, Prime Video.

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