Television review Located in the slums of Beirut, Capernaum – the children of chaos is a skillful union of warmth, distress and hope

The connection between the children depicting the main characters has been created in a tremendous way.

Capernaum – Children of Chaos ★★★★

Capharnaüm, Lebanon 2018

Theme at 10.45 pm and Yle Areena (K12)

French capharnaüm means chaos. The origin of the word is Biblical at the point where Jesus returned to his hometown of Capernaum in front of his house, a crowded crowd waited.

Lebanese Nadine Labakin control Capernaum – Children of Chaos the name thus refers to the atmosphere, not the venue, which is Beirut in the film.

Growing up in a million-city slum, Zain, at the age of 12, stabbed someone he calls an “asshole”. The boy, who is serving a five-year prison sentence, will be brought before a judge, but it is not Zain’s crimes that are being tried, but he has sued his parents.

The cause of the burning hatred of father and mother is evident in retrospect. It also reveals that despite his apparent hardness, Zain is not a hardened child criminal but a good-natured and sensitive little boy.

He fled the Syrian war and lived in the slums himself Zain al-Rafeea plays the lead role tremendously well. The feeling of realism adds to the fact that he has been allowed to speak his own rude street boy language.

The film reaches a very exceptional warm-heartedness when Zain, who has run away from his home, ends up taking care of a year-old Yonas (Boluwatife Treasure Bankole). A wonderfully believable bond has been created between the boys, and especially amazing how the toddler’s faces repeatedly fit so well.

A partial explanation can be found in the production data: in the six-month descriptions, the material accumulated a total of 500 hours. There has been something to choose from.

The clever alliance of warmth, distress, and hope brought the Oscar nomination and the Jury Prize in Cannes.

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