Television review Julian Fellowes’ latest epoch series takes place in New York – The Gilded Age doesn’t reach Downton Abbey’s natural elegance

The Gilded Age is condensed into a clash between old money and new money in the late 19th century United States.

Downton Abbeyn Creator Julian Fellowes escorts the viewer’s sympathies effortlessly The Gilded Age to the protagonist of her new series: Miss Marian Brook of Pennsylvania (Louisa Jacobson) hears from his lawyer that his father lied to him while he was alive. The house is rented and the legacy is a paltry $ 30. Despite his shock, Brook politely thanks for the help he received.

Living in 1882, the said $ 30 is equivalent to a current purchasing power of 700 euros. The Gilded Agen for the viewer, the relationship is good to remember as money rises to a central part in the series.

Brook has to move to New York to visit his father’s sisters. Agnes widow (Christine Baranski) hates his late brother and does not like his daughter either. Unmarried Ada (Cynthia Nixon) is many articles kinder.

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Series nuclear conflict – and downtonabbey-like prameus – are brought in through neighbors. On the opposite side of Fifth Avenue has been built a huge house by railroads enriched by George Russell (Morgan Spector). To his wife Bertha (Carrie Coon), nothing in life is more important than social acceptance.

However, the road to appreciation is blocked because the old upper class despises the representatives of the new money. Can even the extreme wealth of Russell be cracked at this?

Business family the drive up was also included in Fellowes ’smooth mini-series Belgravia (2020), but now it is more clearly the engine of events. This is especially evident in the dramatic third episode.

However, the joys and sorrows of the servants seem unnecessarily familiar, only the slightly more recent puzzles related to skin color. They are encountered by African-American Peggy Scott (Denée Benton), A new acquaintance of Marian Brook.

Through Scott and his parents, there are even more levels to the hierarchy of characters, but this time the power compositions are plagued by blockbusters. Contemporary attitudes push too straight through Brook’s shifts, and historical facts are sprinkled into dialogue on paper. Exterior views are often too easily found to be computer generated.

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In the sense of sight and fact, only the huge hand of the Statue of Liberty seen in Madison Square Park, which raises funding for the rest of the statue, manages to delight. While New York is being built, it is even the most famous symbol in its infancy.

Fellowes designed a nine-piece modified The Gilded Agesta once a preface Downton Abbey, but the spinoff life of Crawley’s noble couple embarked on another career: the latest Downton Abbey According to current information, the Finnish premiere of the theater film is on March 18.

The Gilded Age, HBO Max.

Marian’s New York aunts are played by Cynthia Nixon (left) and Christine Baranski. Nixon will be connected to New York for both the Single Life series and his 2018 governor campaign, Baranski is known for The Good Fight, among others.

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