Television review In the Superman & Lois series, the hero and his family move to the country – Plot patterns are borrowed from previous Superman series

Clark Kent and Lois Lane try to downshift, but a peaceful life is hampered by their own teenage boys and super villains.

Disney + n fresh WandavisionThe series showed the history of situational comedy by drawing that superhero stories are not necessarily stuck in their formulas – even though stiffness was finally seen.

Praised on HBO Nordic Superman & Lois instead, rely on the old. The series is a crossbreed Smallville (2001–2011), which followed Superman’s rural life in adolescence, and Lois & Clarkia (1993–1997), which was both a relationship and a superhero series.

Superman aka Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) has married his colleague, hero journalist Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch).

They have had twin boys who have grown up in their teens: Jordan (Alex Garfin) is stout and closed, Jonathan (Jordan Alsace) open and popular.

Clark is repeatedly away from home for a superhero job, but the boys don’t know about his abilities. To unite the family, the couple decides to move to Clark’s childhood landscape in Smallville.

When the father’s secret is soon revealed, the boys ’negative attitude feels very paper-flavored. Just like In Smallville we end up observing what qualities in teens are starting to show up. And a certain superstars disturb the peace of downshifters.

Superman & Loisin Creator Greg Berlanti has directed a quality teen film Me, Simon (2018) and made series as a screenwriter-producer Arrow (2012-2020), Supergirl (2015–2021) and The Flash (2014–) by the authors Superman & Loisin another initiator Todd Helbing is included.

All four superhero sets are set in the same fictional world.

Superman & Lois, HBO Nordic. (K11) Supergirl, HBO Nordic. (K11) Arrow, Netflix. (K16) The Flash, Netflix. (Q13) Me, Simon, Disney +. (K12)

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