Television review In the Finnish Runaways series, an elite group of police chases fleeing criminals but things get rushed

The characters in the Runaways series are standard on police dramas. Pirjo Lonka and Matti Onnismaa bring charisma to their boring types.

New crime drama Runaways follows the elite police unit, which specializes in tracing and apprehending fleeing criminals.

When a villain takes a roll, there is only two days before the traces cool down. That is why we need to act quickly. To emphasize this, the authors have added a ticking clock – rather than years ago 24series as a whole.

There is nothing wrong with the swing itself, but In fugitives the race clots to pees.

Elite group is an unimaginable pack of standard characters for use kits. The core group consists of Karita Tulirinta, a dedicated boss with no sense of humor (Pirjo Lonka), his closest colleague Niklas (Kristo Salminen), Pertti (Matti Onnismaa) and, of course, the human-crafted computer wizard Lori (Anna Böhm).

When Niklas disappears without a trace during a capture gig, he is replaced by Tommi, who is ruminating with his private life (Pelle Heikkilä).

As new the group also includes the former covert police in Santiago (Deogracias Masomi), which is familiar as a character Robaseries. There are also a couple of other robala flashes in the episodes.

Robareferences are not surprising, as the editor-in-chief of the series and the creator of the concept Tatiana Elf has previously scripted, among other things Roban third and fourth seasons and Emperor Aarnio series.

There has been quite a bit of inter-series play in Finland. The character hippie is a fun little detail, but it often stays in it.

Series is built into episode-long clusters where a new individual of exception always goes on the run. In the opening period, the villain is a psychopathic difference (Mikko Leppilampi), in the second period, the identity thief of thousands of faces (Vera Kiiskinen). Special or not, but basically they too are an assortment of basic detective criminals.

Despite the wide range of characters, the individuals remain In fugitives to the side. As routine cops, Karita and Pertti are among the best of the characters, thanks to Lonka and Onnismaa. Frankly, they bring charisma to even boring types.

Steering responsibility the tenth series is divided among the well-known authors: the opening period is directed by Jalmari Helander, later directed by Saara Cantell and Teppo Airaksinen.

The heart rate of the cycles is maintained when the pilot changes, and the pulse does not throw. The excitement needed by the crime drama must not be unearthed either. It doesn’t help, though, as the enduring arc of the entire series goes to find out about the disappearance of Niklas. When a scramble is ordered, a scramble is also received.

In real life, speed and efficiency are an advantage in criminal investigations. On the drama side, it’s not quite as clear.

Runaways, C More.


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