Television review In an empty day comedy, Kevin Hart portrays a high school student who is continuing his high school studies

Built on Kevin Hart’s familiar shooter role, the comedy cannons its loudest jokes right at the start, but then the engine peat also clots.

Night School ★★

USA 2018

TV5 at 9 pm (K12)

High school comedies is roughly divided into two varieties: those in which the school world is viewed through the eyes of young people, and those in which it is viewed from adulthood, with nostalgic thoughts. Malcolm D. Leen guided Night School (2018) is something in between.

Teddy (Kevin Hart) is a school dropout that was once dropped out of high school due to difficulty concentrating. It has not prevented a man from getting caught up in a sweet life. He is the sales cannon of a grocery store that the boss considers to be his own son and heir. Next door is a beautiful female friend, below the blade of a convertible.

But disappearing is worldly mammon. If the cosine spectacle – which involves gas grills and fire – goes badly wrong, Teddy loses his job. As he explores new career prospects, he realizes that a high school diploma would still be needed.

So Teddy has to swallow his pride and slam back into his old apprentice on the school bench. The principal of the school is now the beautiful Stewart (Taran Killam), which Teddy teased during school hours. Return is not facilitated by strict teacher Carrie (Tiffany Haddish).

On the evening high school side, in addition to Teddy, there are other comrades who are forced to return to study. The size of the moment is delicious for seniors Breakfast Club: slow runner Mackenzie (Rob Riggle), robotic Jaylen (Romano Malco), Theresa, a housewife on the brink of collapseMary Lynn Rajskub), Luis, an immigrant who dreams of pop popAl Madrigal), a hefty young Mila (Anne Winters) and Bob, who is remotely involved in teaching (Fat Joe).

The potential of a different pair of gangs remains untapped as the story, lined with as many as six screenwriters, revolves around Teddy’s uncut character. Built on Hart’s familiar shooter role, the comedy cannons its loudest jokes right at the start, but then the engine peat also coagulates. When there is no suction in the humor, the futility of the story becomes more and more apparent.

Lee, which is otherwise Spike Leen cousin, known for his comedies The Best Man (1999), Undercover Brother (2001), Soul Men (2008) and Girls Trip (2017), in which traditionally white genres are made from an African American perspective.

Usually, some fresh ideas and moderate laughter have come off the set-up. Night School however, is not a black high school comedy.



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