Television review In a mechanically felt animated film, cell phone intelligence conquers the world and a colliding family has to take action

Due to the corona epidemic, the Mitchell family and machine revolt animation that ended up on Netflix suffers from a lack of originality and sympathy.

Mitchell’s family and the machine uprising ★★

The Mitchells vs. The Machines, USA 2020


Ills originated by technology guru Mark Bowman (voiced by Osku Ärilä) introduces a new robotic companion model and throws aside its old mobile phone with its PAL artificial intelligence (Sari Ann Stolt). PAL does not sink into depression but embraces world conquest.

Elsewhere, Mitchell’s family, without a hint of evil, is preparing for a long car journey.

Teen Katie (Seera Alexander) has made fun videos for Youtube and made them selected for a film school in California. Father Rick (Markus Bäckman) does not understand her daughter’s aspirations or even the internet at all, which makes her too dork and nuub.

Mum (Rinna Paatso) tries to reconcile the father-daughter relationship, while little brother Aaron (Luca Elshout) is manicly passionate about dinosaurs.

Mitchellin by far the most sympathetic member of the family is the well-behaved pug Mosse, which involves the film’s funniest idea: it’s impossible for robots to decide whether Mosse is a dog, a pig, or possibly bread.

But overall, there are few fun or original ideas. First director Mike Rianda has made his screenwriting fellow Jeff Rowen with a film reminiscent of the work of a milking robot: humor is developed through routine movements, a drama parsing family relationships is based on clumsy repetition, and solutions that save the world lack naturalness.

A touch of personality to the animation has been gained by adding “pen-drawn” parts resembling Katie’s videos.

Mitchellin family and machinery revolt is one of the films whose distribution suffered from the corona pandemic. Initially, the premiere was supposed to be in 2020, but after the movie theaters closed, Sony sold the distribution rights to Netflix. The first performance on the streaming service was in April 2021.

In the English version, Katie ‘s voice actor is Broad City series Abbi Jacobson, Rick’s father Danny McBride, and the PAL winner is the Oscar winner Olivia Colman.



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