Television review Gena Rowlands does a breathtaking role in the groundbreaking film The Best Years of a Woman

Mental health problems, let alone mothers ’mental health problems, had not previously been acted on the screen with the same intensity and power.

A woman’s best years ★★★★★

A Woman Under the Influence, USA 1974

Theme at 20.53 and Arena (K16)

Today Saturday will see one of the most impressive roles in film history when John Cassavetesin classic A woman’s best years finally gets its Finnish TV premiere.

The film tells the story of Mabel, a California mother (Gena Rowlands), who is married to Dunian Nicky (Peter Falk). Mabel is starting to suffer from worsening mental health problems, possibly mania. Mabel and Nicky have trouble connecting with each other.

A woman the best years is famous precisely for Rowlands ’breathtaking and revolutionary acting.

Mental health problems, let alone mothers ’mental health problems, had not been played on the screen with the same intensity and power. Rowlands ’acting is breaking boundaries.

Acting in Cassavetes films is so fleshy that they are often thought to be more improvised than they are.

For example, dialogue is more reminiscent of real-life speech than in conventional films. People repeatedly have difficulty saying what they mean or want. Seizures can also take a long time.

The movie the subject is not so much illness, but Cassavetes wanted to tell about the lives of women more broadly. For example, it’s worth noting how cramped the family apartment feels. Or how Mabel sometimes seems to be over-performing her family mother role in a moving and gruesome way.

In the 1960s and 1980s, Cassavetes and Rowlands made wholesale films that have remained in film history, especially because of acting.

Before film at 8:01 p.m. The theme features a documentary about Rowlands ’career Gena Rowlands, independent star (2018). That’s the researcher Ray Carney tells what he experienced while watching Cassavetes / Rowlands: “It came too close. It was too offensive, too intense and too true. ”

Carney is talking Face(1968), but no doubt many feel the same A woman of the best years on the shore. The work ruthlessly turns on and demands emotional forces from the viewer.

Most easily the upcoming works by Cassavetes / Rowlands are a romantic comedy Minnie and Moskowitz (1971) and perhaps their most conventional work, a crime film Gloria – gangster swing (1980), which will be seen on Theme next Friday.

Many films that were once important and radical have since begun to look ordinary or a little strange. A woman’s best years -The trembling, courage and vitality of the drama seem to have lasted great for a while.


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