Television review Criminals’ Widows Make a Gig – Steve McQueen’s Robbery Works on Many Levels Simultaneously

Widows is a ruthless analysis of a pervaded society, corrupt politics, brutal violence, unpredictable racial tensions, and gender inequality.


Widows – widows ★★★★

Britain / USA 2018

TV2 at 9 pm and Yle Areena (K16)

Movie starts with a black woman (Viola Davis) and the white man (Liam Neeson) by kissing. It should come as no surprise that the first similar screen pouch was seen as early as 1957, but the director Steve McQueen as the opening image of the thriller, it is thought to be relevant by oitis.

We will return to the couple’s relationship later. The scene begins with a series of cross-cut primers that introduce the characters and still lifes of the story.

And when it comes to McQueen’s direction, which he co-authored with the author Gillian Flynnin with, have all been shown in some way more significant than each other.

Widows – widow is a traditional action-packed robbery. It is a portrait of widows who lost their criminal spouses in a failed robbery.

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It is also a ruthless analysis of a pervaded society, corrupt politics, brutal violence, and unpredictable racial tensions.

Without underlining Widows there is also a film about women fighting to rise from the submissive low into which they have been pushed by men and pleasantly loving ankle spouses. And not just men – some of the most toxic comments are fired by close women.

Viola Davisin played by Veronica, an unscrupulous gangster politician gets ukas to make up for a million loot lost in a robbery. To save her, Veronica finds her husband’s plans for a million kidnapping, and decides to carry it out.

Other distressed widows will take part in the gig. Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) is a clothing store run by the criminals. Alice (Elizabeth Debicki) is a battered woman who is driven into prostitution by her own mother. Hairdresser Belle (Cynthia Erivo).

Briton McQueen wanted to locate an English-themed reconciliation in the infamous Chicago of the United States. Screenwriter Flynn lives in a city whose contemporary environments are exploited in more than 80 locations.

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And that femininity. Widows are constantly confronted with what the masculine world has driven them to bluntly, and they should not have the fins to succeed. McQueen respects the traditions of the genre of robbery, paying attention to the personalities and tensions between women as well.

And there is no need to overemphasize community. The position of humor speaks with unhappy irony, sentimentality is overshadowed by all-encompassing deception.

Widows is a captivating film on many levels simultaneously.

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