Television review Carousel presents a wide range of mental landscapes from the nerd traits of a taxi driver to the widow’s climate anxiety – the series is the wildest

The Finnish comedy series tells a new story in each episode.

Comedy anthology series Carousel begins with one of its weakest episodes. A group of singers do a charity single at a rural mansion to raise funds for those affected by Australian forest fires. The episode throws at empty virtue signaling and public culture, but the actual punchline is feces. Although there are tensions between the glitter surface and the smelly secretion, the vomiting reflex of the characters at the poop does not reveal them.

However, each episode is a new opportunity, and in the second episode, spending is already improving. It depicts a young couple boating (Paavo Kinnunen and Miila Virtanen), fleeing a pipe repair to a pier owned by the Happy Yacht Club. Compliance with Community rules is a condition of the berth and is closely monitored. Kapu (Martti Rahvalo), a sect leader in swimming trunks.

Although the series consists of short episodes, its scale is large. Venues change with the stories, and roles are populated with name actors From Ria Juniper to Riitta Havukainen and Jussi Vataseen.

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Carousel premiered in September at C Morella. Responsible for its original idea and with the greatest responsibility for the script Petteri Summanen stated HS in an interview (HS 23.9.2021) for the inspiration of modern polarization and bubbling.

Some episodes interpret the starting point quite literally. The folk artist singing in the first episode (Kari Hietalahti) on behalf of ‘normal music listeners’: ‘They eat meat and drive petrol cars.’ In the sixth part, the feminist journalist (Paavo Kinnunen) gets into the passport of a conservative (Mimosa Willamo) and the story remains a thin overlay on cultural struggles.

In the third period, taxi drivers from Helsinki will be met (Alex Anton, left, Kari Hietalahti, Marjaana Maijala and Rauno Ahonen).

The best are episodes that take a distance from burning speech themes and straightforward comedy narration. The second and fourth episodes quote elements of horror. In the former, horror is the claustrophobic congestion of a small community. In the second, it is psychological when Hietalahti, who presents himself, curls up in his envy.

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Episode 7 is already a sheer sciff. The state invites virgin men to training, after which they are sent to the world to fertilize women.

Series Hietalahti and Hietalahti are also responsible for the manuscripts Anna Ruohonen. The trio has created a wide range of mental landscapes from the nerd traits of a taxi driver to the widow’s climate anxiety.

The variegated entity suffers from the sins of the anthology series, i.e. the unevenness. However, ambition has paid off, as the wildest ideas in the series are its best.

Carousel, MTV3 at 9.30pm and MTV service and C More.

In the vitos period, widow Helena (Riitta Havukainen) invites her child to lunch.

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